This document describes the basic provisions governing the process of relationship Zew Technology Inc. and investors in the project (hereinafter - the client).

1. Rights and Responsibilities

1.1 The company's customers may be only able-bodied persons over 18 years.

1.2 By registering online customer confirms that he has read and agrees to the terms of this agreement.

1.3 The Client is responsible for the consequences of a breach of any provision of this agreement.

1.4 The Client has the right to use all the site services on a par with other customers.

1.5 When you register on the site the client is obliged to specify only truthful information.

1.6 The customer is fully responsible for the safety of your personal data (username and password). Administration is not responsible for the consequences caused by hit of personal customer data to third parties.

1.7 One individual is allowed to have only one account in the system. Re-registration is not allowed. In case of multiple accounts opened by one person, they will be blocked without the possibility of withdrawal.

1.8 The Customer is entitled to become a party to the referral program in accordance with its terms and to receive compensation for their participation in the new participants.

2. Rights and obligations of the company

2.1 Company Zew Technology Inc. undertakes to support the organization and performance site, all its services and support services.

2.2 The Company will use the hardware and software methods of protection aimed at the encryption and security of all financial transactions.

2.3 The Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of personal information of clients and not disclose them to third parties under any circumstances.

2.4 The Company undertakes to maintain the accrual of interest on deposits in accordance with the tariff plan of the client.

2.5 The Company undertakes to make timely payments on the wallets of the client supported withdrawal payment systems.

2.6 The Company has the right, if necessary, ask the customer documents to confirm identity.

2.7 The Company may suspend the provision of services to the client and close an account in the following cases:

- In the case of breach of the present Agreement;

- At the request of the client;

- In case of suspicion of hacking the account in order to protect the client's funds from theft;

- In the case of a client of any kind of fraud;

- In the case of refusal to confirm the identity of the procedure (login).

3. Other Conditions

3.1 Do not use for personal purposes of any text, graphics or other materials from the site (except for special materials for the participants of the referral program) without the permission of the administration.

3.2 In the event of a dispute the final decision on each situation will be taken by the administrator.

3.3 The terms of this Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication. Zew Technology Inc. reserves the right to unilaterally make additions or changes to the text of a document notifying the customer site or an e-mail.


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