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PAMM investing – everybody benefits from cooperation with us

Looking for a place to invest your money in? Asking yourself how to make your investments profitable? Want to find the best investments? Then invest into our project.

We are happy to see you at our investment project PAMM investing

My name is Dzmitry Hurkin. I am the administrator of international investment project “PAMM investing” and chief manager of a successful PAMM-account.

I invite you to invest your money into PAMM-account №7069308 and become our investor.

Monitoring in real time provides information on the status of "PAMM investing's" trading account. By clicking "Monitoring" you can move to trading account and make your investments.

Since 2006 I have worked as a Forex market managing trader. Over the ten years of my successful work at the international level I have developed my personal trading system which proved its efficiency in the time of financial collapse and economic instability. In the middle of 2010 for investors’ convenience we created a PAMM-account which is based on an anti-crisis trading system.

We work with both big (investments more than 50000$) and middle (investments 10000$ - 50000$) investors as well as with those who want to earn some money in the Internet and begin with 1$.

The most profitable option is to make large long-term investments into “PAMM investing” since this is the best alternative to bank deposits.

“PAMM-investing” account has a number of advantages which make investments into “PAMM investing” profitable for investors:

Advantages of “PAMM investing” account Advantages for “PAMM investing” investors
1. Low risks – up to 30% - with up to 50% profit per annum. Secure investments, safety of your deposit with profits more than 6 times exceeding that of a bank deposit.
2. Anti-crisis trading method, only manual trade. You stay calm even in case of market problems (stock-exchange collapse, economic crisis).
3. PAMM-account reserve fund formed on the basis of the project’s profit. Psychological comfort and security.
4. 7% per annum on your deposit from the broker. 30% bonus from the broker on deposits exceeding 100$. Extra opportunities to earn money.
5. Round-the-clock access to your investments through “Investor’s personal cabinet” Constant investment status monitoring, opportunity to enlarge your deposit, each of our investors at any time can withdraw his investments.
6. PAMM-JACKPOT. PAMM-account investors have a chance to win a part of 5% of the project’s profit. Opportunity to try your fortune and win money.

You can check the information on our PAMM-account in monitoring section by clicking the widget located at the bottom of the page. Here you can in real time see how PAMM works, monitor profit growth, floating losses, investment traffic as well as compliance with risk management agreements.

PAMM investing project offers you a unique opportunity to make profit even if you have no money available for investments. This is our partnership program.

Everybody who visits our website can participate in this program (see more in “Partnership” section on our website)

Make money on-line! Get a profit safely by investing into “PAMM investing”!

Best regards,

Dzmitry E. Hurkin

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